Please, take your time to read all the frequently asked questions, and chances are you will find most of your questions already answered. However, if your question is not answered here do not hesitate to contact us trough our contact form.


QUESTION: What is MCA and TVC?

Motor Club of America (MCA) is a roadside assistance company that has been in existence since 1926. MCA was purchased by TVC Marketing Associates which has been in existence since 1987. We now protect over 9,000,000 members and their families.

MCA offers benefits that are similar to those that many motorists enjoy. MCA’s coverage go above and beyond even the most comprehensive membership plans of all of their competition. MCA has been known to provide exemplary customer service during its 86 years of existence. Also, the service providers enjoy quicker, more frequent and higher payout levels for servicing your vehicle. This means that you, the MCA customer enjoy quicker, more reliable, more complete roadside assistance.

QUESTION: What kind of business support do I get after I sign up?

There is a ton of information in MCA’s back office. On top of the provided resources, you also get access to weekly phone conference training, access to Facebook groups with additional training and a rather extensive support network. We work hard to make you as successful as possible.

QUESTION: How do I get paid for my new MCA business?

MCA pays via direct deposit. Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome email that includes the W9, 1099 & Direct Deposit forms that you MUST fill out in order to continue receiving payment after your first 90 days as an associate.

QUESTION: How is MCA able to pay double commission on my sales?

Because MCA has over 86 years of experience in the industry, it has taken the time to calculate the average value of a customer. Based on their meticulous record keeping, MCA knows that the customer loyalty generated is worth paying its associates 200% commissions.

QUESTION: How much do I get when an associate I sell a plan to, signs up another person under them?

There is an initial prepaid commission of $6, and after the first 10 months, monthly residual commissions are paid out.

QUESTION: How do I go about marketing my MCA business?

Once you sign up for MCA, you will receive an email that will start pointing you in the right direction. Your sponsor should direct you to the most beneficial resources. If you ever have a question regarding the best resources, feel free to contact us trough the contact form.

QUESTION: I’ve received your welcome email and read through it. What’s the next step?

Print the MCA Associate Agreement Letter, W-9, and Direct Deposit form. Make sure that you send in these forms as quickly as possible. Make sure you log in  to the TVC matrix back office and get familiar with the site. Lastly, develop a strategic marketing plan to help push these benefits.

QUESTION: How is MCA’s plans different from other roadside assistance services?

Roadside assistance is only of the many things that a MCA policy covers. Additional benefits include an accidental death policy, hospital income coverage, emergency room benefit, bail bond protection and much more. Simply put, there is no other company that covers you as comprehensively as MCA does.

QUESTION: How do I get roadside assistance?

Just call MCA’s toll free number and describe your vehicle, the problem and give the location. They will tell you when to expect help and will put you in direct contact with the service provider.

QUESTION: How long will it take for MCA Roadside Assistance dispatch to arrive?

Average waiting time is only 30 minutes, but customers have experienced wait times of as low as 20 minutes for service. The customer service representative will tell you what the expected wait time is for your particular situation.

QUESTION: Does my MCA plan cover multiple cars?

Yes, your MCA policy covers whatever car you are with…whether you are the driver or not. As long as you, the card holder, are present, the car receives the service. Simple as that.

QUESTION: How long does it take to activate my membership?

Your membership is immediately active once you sign up online and your membership materials are emailed to you immediately. It takes about 1 week to receive your membership card in the mail. If you need service before then, just call the toll free number.

QUESTION: How do i know when a tow truck is coming?

Typically, MCA passes on your contact information to the tow truck company. They should call when they are arriving.

QUESTION: Do you cover motorcycles?

Yes, MCA covers cars, motorcycles, trailers, ATV’s, RV’s and other motor vehicles.

QUESTION: Can you help me if I’m hospitalized due to an accident?

Yes. As a MCA member, you receive $150 for every day that you are hospitalized, up to 365 consecutive days.

QUESTION: What if my car is disabled and I’m out of town?

No need to worry. If you are more than 50 miles away from home and your car is disabled, MCA will cover up to $500 in expenses. These expenses can include lodging, food, rental car, airfare and more.